Why is Meditation Important?


People around the world feel helpless and can’t do anything to change their situation. They feel peace is not possible, within themselves or in the world, they feel poverty will never be eradicated and that disease and suffering cannot be avoided.

Some believe that the answer is to fight and protest. But has this brought a long term solution?

Sages have long believed that there are solutions beyond the physical self. There are ways to free oneself from hate. This power involves the higher consciousness. It is a power that has been measured and proven to help. This power is called meditation.

A study at University of Castle in Germany showed that an average person’s chest area emits only 24 photons of light per second. Someone who meditates on their heart centre send out 100,000 photons per second- that is nearly 5,000 photons per second more.

The frequency and vibration can literally change matter, heal disease and change negative events.

It has been shown in over 23 studies that collective meditation can have an even more significant effect.  Collective meditations have shown to reduce crime and terrorism. This shows that the way forward is working with energies. Our bodies are more than a bag of flesh and bones.

Ayurveda shows us we are made up of 5 elements- earth, fire, water, air and space. These in different amounts makes 3 energies- Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

We all have these energies but in different amounts. Food, exercise, thoughts and actions can change these to give us optimum health.

Our outer body communicates with the inner body through points on the skin called marma points. Massaging these sends energy through channels or nadhis to chakras in the body. These chakras influence endocrine glands that release hormones. Hormones affect how the body works. This shows how energy can influence the body.

We need to have more than good intentions. The change has to be more than physical. We need to meditate on the world we want, for peace and harmony and healing where it is required. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes daily to see the difference you can make to your inner self, outer self and the world.

Strive to be a happy, selfless, loving soul who is a giver and forgiver. Make yourself, your family, friends and community stronger. The strength of a community is a number of people working together in the same direction. Let us make this world a better place than we found it through the simple act of meditation.

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