Book1: Remedies - One Stop Natural Remedies

Coolherbals remedies to help your inner health and well-being

One Stop Natural Remedies is a simple book to help in the health and well being of both adults and children. It focuses on supplements and life style suggestions for ailments from A to Z. The book will help in ailments from Acne to Weight Loss. It is a must on the shelf for every home.

By Ravi Bhanot and Sushma Bhanot

Taking health and beauty therapists to the next level with natural Coolherbals products and treatments. Our first batch of therapists are ready to help you!

Should you be going to a pharmacy for a natural product or your local beauty salon? Our new book One Stop Natural Remedies will guide you to the appropriate treatment, life style changes, nutrition and yoga for you....

The books written by Ravi Bhanot

Works of The Ayurveda Institute of Europe:

Research and training books:

1. How to do Ayurvedic Massages Head to Toe – the No.1 book and dvd's on How to do Ayurvedic Massages

2. Slimmer in 1 Hour…Slimmer Forever – an ayurvedic slimming programme

3. Hair Today…Hair Tomorrow – a programme how to keep your hair longer

Designed to be a start to understand and use Ayurvedic massage in relaxation and well-being type of massage, rather than therapeutic or treatment massages. This book is for those who want to know the theory and practical 'step by step' how to do ayurvedic massages – head to toe.

Whether you are a therapist looking to widen your skills and knowledge, a lover of good books on your coffee table or just want to learn for fun – this is the perfect book for you or a gift to give anyone!

'A revelation of making Ayurvedic massages and therapies popular worldwide. The authors are renowned in this field for their work.’

Wendy Kavanagh,

Editor of Massage World Magazine

– The biggest selling massage magazine in Britain.

'Ravi Bhanot and Sushma Bhanot are dedicated visionaries. Secrets of How to do Ayurvedic Massage – Head to Toe is highly recommended to those interested in any type of massage!'

– Dr. A.S Bhamra “Ayurvedic works” – author of A Practical Approach to Indian Head Massage

 Miss England 2010 cuts the Ribbon for the book launch               Angela Mahendru editor of Choice Magazine in Mayfair, London             Audience looks on during the Book launch

Prof.Campbell of Bolton University says: “I see the CoolSlim Plan as the way forward in this jungle of obesity, unhealthy lifestyles, lack of motivation and exercise. You will be motivated to be the best you can be naturally.

Based on the book by Ravi Bhanot and Sushma Bhanot – Slimmer In 1 Hour…Slim Forever it is a revolutionary plan to lose weight based around eating your normal foods but taking into account the K energy (kapha energy) in foods, the 6 tastes and the 5:3:2 ratio of foods and the CoolSlim supplements. These are natural food supplements to curb appetite, improve digestion and support the body to function optimally.

A highly publicised Book Launch, honouring Ravi and Sushma Bhanot's Publication in the House or Lords.

Book 3: Slimmer in 1 Hour…Slimmer Forever – an ayurvedic slimming programme

– The CoolSlim Plan.

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After 15 years of research and development Ravi and Sushma Bhanot invented the Nutrigro® system for healthier hair, fighting thinning hair and helping to keep your hair for longer- see Ravi Bhanot's Book Hair Today … Hair tomorrow is available from

Book 4: Author for ; Hair Today Gone Hair Tomorrow

Ravi and Sushma Bhanot have spent more than 15 Years researching and developing Nutrigro® system for healthier hair.

– Professor R Gupta OBE, MD, FRCP (E), MBA University of Lancaster UK.

A Nutrigro Client following the Nutrigro Plan.

The Nutrigro® Hair Plan focuses on the whole person, including lifestyle and diet. It provides a unique approach to keeping hair healthy for longer … using a holistic approach”