Ravi Bhanot - JP RSA MRPharmS MSSChA Dip(Ayur.) Dip(Nutr.) Dip(Hom.) Dip(Stress Management) Dip(Massage) 

After long perseverance, the law has changed in 2020. Hopefully, more people from Asian backgrounds will now donate their organs after death.

At the moment only 8% give...there are 31% Asians however on the Transplant Waiting List. 

But if you feel you do not want your organs to be donated after your death let your family know. 

The video below explains more. As part of the JHOD- Jain Hindu Organ Donorship Committee Ravi Bhanot is committed to increasing the number of people from the BAME communities giving more blood and organ donorship.

National Blood and Organ Donorship Committee

Sewa Week


Sewa means "to give" in Sanskrit. Sewa can be given in selfless service, money or through thought- for the betterment of others.

​Ravi Bhanot co-founded ​Sewa Week. A project, which began in 2001 and continues to date. This project has flourished to Sewa Day. In 2016, 75,000 volunteer​ed ​in 25 countries and the number continues.

To date projects have been to help relieve hardship, bring joy and help the environment.

Receiving award for community voluntary work.

Justice of the Peace (JP)

Ravi Bhanot was appointed as Justice of the Peace in 1997 and is now Chair. Ravi Bhanot was appointed by means of a commission to keep peace within a Lower Court (Magistrates Court).

JP Duty is to provide summary justice and administrative applications in common law jurisdictions.

RSA - Royal Society of Arts

The mission of the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) is to enrich society through ideas and action.

A fellow of a  global network of 28,000 people whose mission is to enrich society through ideas and action.

Ravi's rich experience in Enterprise, Community work and Charitable experience, proves he is an invaluable asset for the RSA.

Ravi Bhanot is co - chair of the Light Up London Committee.  The committee was created to celebrate nationally the message of Diwali. “This year we celebrate a special Diwali.

Co-Chairman of LightUp.London


What is Light Up London?

Light Up London is dedicated to enjoy and celebrate Diwali!

On 15 October 2017, for the first time ever, the Diwali Lights have been switched on at the London Eye to mark the Festival of Lights celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists. The anticipated colour scheme of the London Eye was that of traditional Rangoli patterns.  

2017 Event: It is the first time we have seen the Coca Cola London Eye change colour and it is the UK - India year of culture. This occasion is of great significance and a festival celebrated by people from all walks of life. The underlying theme of peace and mutual respect is relevant and meaningful to all Londoners.”

The Diwali Lights switch have been dedicated to the victims of the recent terror attacks in the United Kingdom as well as the Grenfell Tower Fire. The switch on paid tribute to the selfless work of the emergency services and volunteers who worked hard to assist victims during the recent events.

His Excellency Y.K Sinha (The Indian High Commission), His Excellency Mr Dinesh Patnaik (The Deputy High Commissioner of India), Meera Syal, Gurinder Chadha, Nitin Ganatra, Juggy D, Lord Popat, Lord Desai, Lord Gadhia, Shailesh Vara MP, Tan Dhesi MP and Lopa Patel MBE were among the Chief Guests who switched on the lights at the “Light Up London reception” being held at the Tattershall Castle Ship.

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2018 Event: More than 150 people came together at a Chigwell banqueting hall to celebrate the festival of lights with dancing, singing and fireworks.

Saturday 3rd November saw the switching of Diwali Lights at The Green, High Road, Chigwell.The lights have been switched on by Cllr.Darshan Sunger, Chairman, Chigwell Parish Council.

Commenting on the meaning of Diwali,  Ravi Bhanot, the committee’s Ilford chairman, said: “Hindus, Sikhs and Jains celebrate Diwali as it signifies light over darkness. Diwali is all about lights, enjoying sweets and getting together.This was certainly true of our Diwali event".

For more details visit: https://www.guardian-series.co.uk/news/17188669.chigwell-will-be-lit-up-this-diwali/

and https://www.ilfordrecorder.co.uk/news/diwali-chigwell-light-up-london-1-5769036

 Lighting up London; Changing the Classic Coca Cola Red sponsored London Eye to the Diwali themed Rangoli pattern

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Diwali, Light Up London 2019 @ Chigwell

An inspirational Diwali @ Chigwell night showing good work in action. Contributing to the community event were singer Raju Verma, showing that being wheel chair bound is not a handycap, 11 year old dancer Anushka Dixit with an IQ of 163 showed how one can be an all rounder, Shivali Bhammer showed why she is no.1 young bhajan singer in the UK and inspiring and talented artists such as Simon Sylvester, Atritya, Nital led the way. DJ Sandyman showed why he is a leading international DJ.

PranavBhanot showed how to do the role of a great MC and local councillors such as Gagan Mahindra showed the support of local politicians.

Money was raised for Sewa UK charity to help deaf people's hearing.

The multi cultural community showed unity through celebration. Harj Sethi and Giresh Patel explained the spiritual meaning of Diwali from the sikh and hindu perspectives.

Volunteers and members of Lightup.London showed what working together can achieve.

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lit19 3
lit19 1

Diwali on Trafalgar Square

Ravi Bhanot

Chairperson DIL 2017
Vishwa Hindu Parishad

Ravi Bhanot is Director of Coolherbals Ltd. He is a researcher, author and entrepreneur in natural health and beauty. He is Trustee of Make It Beat Charity, Co Founder of Sewa Week, Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts, Justice of Peace, Committee member of the VHP Ilford Hindu temple and is in the Top 100 Asian Power Couples in the UK.

MP Bob Blackman enjoying the Festivities

Leading the way

Live Entertainment

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Diwali In London 2019

On the organising committe for this years Diwali in London Event.

A fun festive packed event with Live entertainment, Sari and Turban Stands and lots more fun acitivities. 

Yoga Advocate & Instructor

“Getting to the underlying cause rather than fire fight is where I believe the NHS and healthcare systems around the world should be heading towards”, says Ravi Bhanot.

Yoga is a form of 'union' similar to the union between memebers of society. Ravi's Passion for Yoga and it's promotion goes 'hand in hand' with the Coolherbals and promoting Community Cohesion.

Ravi and Sushma Bhanot teach Yoga on a weekly basis, free of charge.

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Practice what we preach; Ravi and Sushma Bhanot are Promoting Yoga through various channels and formats. Whether it be a local weekly Yoga class for free or leading a Yoga event marking the annual UN sponsored International Yoga Day.

Ravi has been successful at infusing the use of Yoga and Ayurveda within his professional Career.