Researcher, Inventor and Manufacturer of award winning natural health and beauty products and therapies. Amongst the innovative products are the CoolSlim Slimming Wraps - the number one slimming wrap in the UK, Nutrigro Hair Thinning products  for hair loss and Coolherbals Skin Care products that use natural ingredients and Coolerherbals Supplements and Products.

Coolherbals products are used by top celebrities and therapists the world over. Coolherbals was voted one of the best of British Products by Professional Beauty Magazine.

Ravi Bhanot - JP RSA MRPharmS MSSChA Dip(Ayur.) Dip(Nutr.) Dip(Hom.) Dip(Stress Management) Dip(Massage) 

Ravi Bhanot with Sushma Bhanot have researched and manufacture a number of unique Ayurvedic based health and beauty products in Britain.

“Ayurveda has been successfully working in India for centuries and the time is now right for this science to help people around the world. Ayurvedic treatments are a safe alternative way for people to overcome underlying health issues and treat with plant power rather than with chemicals", says Ravi Bhanot.

Ravi Bhanot has coined the revolutionary CoolSlim Plan. For more details visit To see the video 'How Coolslim Plan works' click here.

Co-Founder of one of the leading Ayurveda Institutes in Britain
As an entrepreneur and with a passion in health, well-being and beauty Ravi co-founded The Ayurveda Institute of Europe.

“My vision is that Ayurvedic massages and therapies will be as widely seen in Britain as other therapies" says Ravi Bhanot

The Ayurveda Institute of Europe ( is a not-for profit organization that teaches Ayurvedic massages, Ayurvedic therapies and carries out research into hair, skin and allergies.

Coolherbals Natural Slimming, Hair Loss and Skin Care Products

1. CoolSlim Slimming wraps are the number one slimming wrap in the UK, the CoolSlim Chin treatment is a novel way to have a firmer chin. The CoolSlim Plan is a natural weight loss plan based on the six tastes.

2. The Nutrigro Hair Thinning Kit is a new way to help in hair loss and in hair thinning. Nutrigro Hair products help in providing all the ingredients for growth of existing hair.

3. Coolherbals Skin Care products use natural ingredients – ancient Indian or ayurvedic. Coolherbals products are used by top celebrities and therapists the world over.

Member of the Yoga Steering Committee

Ravi Bhanot and his team have been working towards Promoting, Yoga within the Public Sector use. Emphasising the benefits that would be gained by all.

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